Aerohive Introduce Wi-Fi Managed Service for Partners

1 min read M2M & IoT
Aerohive Networks has introduced a broadt set of business and product capabilities to empower channel partners to offer differentiated and profitable Wi-Fi managed services for their customers.

Many organisations rely heavily on wireless connectivity, yet they find it difficult to deploy and maintain high-performance Wi-Fi networks. With limited in-house expertise, a growing number of organisations are turning to outsourced and managed Wi-Fi services, a market that is expected to grow significantly over the next five years.

Aerohive enables channel partners to create their own MSP offering, including its multi-tenant capable cloud network management solution, and Aerohive’s channel-optimised business terms.

Aerohive is offering a set of flexible, channel-optimised business terms which include:

o Separation of hardware and software purchases gives partners the ability to purchase hardware at a different time than when they purchase subscription-based support and software offerings. Customers can purchase hardware for installation and deployment, then later add software and support when the solution is ready to go “live”.

o Flexible ownership model lets partners decide whether they or the customer own hardware, depending on the partner’s desired business model. Partners can own the full solution or simply manage a customer-owned solution.

o Portability of hardware and licenses allow partners who own hardware to move them between customer accounts as needs change.

The Aerohive MSP delivery platform with HiveManager NG is available today. Channel partners simply order devices, network management and support from Aerohive’s current pricelist. MSP-related capabilities are included with HiveManager NG, at no additional charge.

"Reinhold Wiesenfarth, senior vice president of telecommunications portfolio at T-Systems. “Aerohive’s solution provides an ideal enhancement for our Managed WLAN Services portfolio. With our new service, its highly scalable architecture, easy provisioning and private-cloud based network management, we strengthen our customers to optimise their networks and to digitalise their business.”

Jeroen van Zelst, managing director of Lantech: “The MSP platform that Aerohive introduces enables us to provide even more flexible managed WLAN services, allowing our customers to quickly scale up and down their wireless infrastructure according to their needs. We can now offer our customers anything from basic wireless connectivity up to business intelligence fueled by Wi-Fi network data, at a great price point”

“Recognising the growing demand for outsourced enterprise Wi-Fi, Aerohive’s MSP offering provides a broad range of product and business capabilities for partners”, said Mark Powley, VP Sales, Aerohive. “Our cloud platform enables efficient and highly reliable service delivery, solutions, and APIs that let partners offer and create differentiated, value-added services, as well as business terms that give partners flexibility to tailor their MSP offering to their requirements and transform how they serve their customers.”