Age UK enters Mobile Market with Launch of the My Phone

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Age UK announced that it has launched a mobile phone service with a dedicated mobile phone targeted at the older demographic. The Age UK My Phone is launching in 200 Age UK shops across England. The service is powered by Cognatel a mobile services provider that is integrated with the Vodafone network. The Age UK My Phone is a mobile phone which is perfect for people who want a straightforward, personalised phone to use.

The new credit card-sized, lightweight mobile phone weighing just 40 grams is designed to make everyday communication easy by allowing customers to call friends and family at the touch of a button. It comes with a maximum of eight buttons all of which can be customised to contact loved ones with a single press. All the user needs to do is push a button using the personalised interface and the pre-programmed numbers are called without needing to go through a phonebook. Incoming calls are answered with a single answer button.

Helena King, Head of Affinity at Age UK, said: “According to recent research, over two-thirds (68%)i of those aged 65 plus use a mobile phone and this drops to just over half (52%)ii amongst those aged 75 plus, so it’s not surprising that many older people can often feel excluded from the benefits this technology has to offer. Our aim is to drive real change in the delivery of products and services for the ageing population. With the over 65siii being the country’s fastest growing demographic.”

“Our aim is to drive real change in the delivery of products and services for the ageing population. With the over 65siii being the country’s fastest growing demographic, developing the Age UK My Phone is an important step towards removing the current barriers to mobile adoption experienced by some people in later life, with a simple and flexible way of staying in touch.”

Age UK has worked closely with CyCell to provide vital insights into the wants and needs of older people, which has been crucial in helping to shape the Age UK My Phone. Together they have brought the phone to the market after a successful four month trial through Age UK’s shop in Peterborough. Customer research has helped to inform and develop price plans as well as design features such as the number and style of the buttons on the handset.

Cognatel is a UK company that equips brands with the technology and strategic consultancy that allows them to launch sustainable mobile services. Mark Ashdown, CEO of Cognatel, commented: “The barriers to entry once discouraged brands from adopting their own mobile services have been removed. With both costs and operational complexities dramatically reduced, the charity can sustain a mobile business model that requires markedly less subscribers than ever before. In reducing the required level of subscribers, a considerable amount of risk is removed from the adoption of a branded mobile service.”

Consumers will benefit from an Age UK customer service team to manage all Age UK My Phone sales and enquiries to ensure that a high level of service support is provided from the purchase of the phone and beyond.

Age UK My Phone handsets are competitively priced at £55 and are accompanied by a range of flexible, cost-effective 30 day rolling price plans for customers to choose from. There’s also a choice of 11 colourful handset designs - ideal for those looking for something stylish. The phone arrives fully charged and ready to use straight from the box, so there’s no complicated set up. The battery will last up to 120 hours and the number of the phone is even written clearly on the back for easy reference.

Customers don’t have to make a long-term commitment to pay for their phone but can instead cancel their contract by giving 30 days’ notice should it no longer suit their requirements. There is a 28 day money back guarantee, with 12 months warranty as standard. Customers can change their pre-set numbers by simply contacting the Age UK My Phone helpline.