Akixi outlines product roadmap

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The last 12 months have been a period of impressive growth for UK-based Akixi with a 44% revenue increase from 2017 to 2018 and now serving over 3,000 client sites and monitoring 98,000 extensions globally.

The company has announced its 2018-19 product and service roadmap which reveals some interesting customer service updates as well as product enhancements and new features.

As part of an initiative to improve Akixi’s online resources, an improved catalogue of video tutorials is being created. Aimed at channel partners and end users alike, these short ‘how to’ videos will cover a range of subjects including product overviews, provisioning and Akixi administration.

To help drive future product developments, Akixi will be implementing an online user feedback platform, giving customers the opportunity to leave feedback, make suggestions, and vote for new features and enhancements.

The Akixi Service will also become available as a web service integration on the BroadSoft Hub, a cloud aggregation service which combines BroadSoft’s UC-One and Team-One with cloud applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and Twitter - into one unified view. BroadSoft’s invitation to join the Hub demonstrates the value it places on Akixi as one of the leading cloud applications for improving business communications.

In direct response to customer feedback, Akixi will also be making wallboard dial improvements, as well as introducing a dashboard view to its service. This will allow users to combine multiple reports into a single view, enabling a customised summary of their call statistics. The cloning and duplication of reports will become possible which will remove the requirement for the same reports to be re-created each time.

Following the successful deployment of the Akixi Wallboard app earlier this year, a new mobile app is now being developed specifically for monitoring and managing ACD Agent functionality. This will include ACD reports and agent control, allowing call centre supervisors to successfully manage their teams with improved efficiency – even when they are on the move.

The shining star in Akixi’s roadmap must be the announcement that the company will be bringing to market its omnichannel service – currently in development with the working title ‘Akixi 3000’.

Akixi 3000 will build on the advanced Akixi 2000 service by delivering omnichannel analytics and reporting in addition to the existing Akixi 2000 features. Users will see the familiar and easy-to-use Akixi platform, including the wallboard, translate across web chat and email channels initially, with the suggestion that social media and SMS will follow in future releases.

This roadmap announcement comes off the back of some recent improvements to Akixi’s online partner services provision, which saw the launch of a new Partner Zone portal and enhancements to the existing Support portal for channel partners including a Live Chat function.

Bart Delgado, Managing Director of Akixi, comments: “It’s such an exciting time at Akixi right now. Our business is constantly adapting and developing to serve the growing number of customers coming on board. Product development and new features are obviously a huge part of this growth, and it will be tremendous to bring Akixi analytics to an omnichannel environment, further increasing the insight that businesses can capture from their day to day processes.”

“Then alongside the product development side of the business we are also investing to improve our customer engagement initiatives – online services, resources and user feedback - to make Akixi easy for our partners to sell and enabling end users to truly get the most out of their Akixi Service. I can genuinely say that innovation and customer experience are at the heart of what we do, and we look forward to some exciting times ahead.”