Allot Bandwidth for CableCom

1 min read
Allot Communications, provider of intelligent IP service optimisation solutions based on deep packet inspection (DPI), and CableCom Networking, a supplier of internet-based services within university dormitories and housing for NHS personnel, have announced the use of the Allot NetEnforcer device and NetXplorer for bandwidth management of high speed Internet access and IP telephony services.

CableCom has deployed Allot NetEnforcer devices in its nationwide broadband network serving thousands of UK subscribers. Allot's Layer-7 DPI and classification technologies enable CableCom to match customer expectations and application requirements with enforcement policies in order to dynamically control available network resources. Providers can alleviate network congestion and allocate “proportional bandwidth” to heavy users, such as peer-to-peer file swapping services. Moreover, Allot NetEnforcer quickly identifies, isolates and mitigates many types of security threats and malicious traffic, thereby reducing costs and potential downtime.

Using the Allot NetXplorer centralised management system with Allot NetEnforcer devices gives CableCom access to granular and aggregate usage data, through intuitive and adaptable graphical reports with extensive drill-down capabilities.

“It is useful to have a single platform that can provide a clear view of usage across our entire network," said Mark Burchfield, sales director, CableCom Networking Ltd. "Allot’s devices help ensure we have the information we need at our fingertips so that we can optimise the services to our customers and know when and where critical alarms are occurring. Ultimately, we have been able to dramatically reduce the number of calls into the helpdesk.”

"CableCom's nationwide UK deployment of bandwidth management is testament to the fact that our devices allow service providers to deliver the quality of service demanded by broadband consumers today," said Rami Hadar, president and CEO, Allot Communications. "Allot gives service providers the end-to-end visibility and dynamic service control they need to ensure quality of experience for every customer."