An Olympic Stride in Workforce Video Conferencing “VideoMeet is the next Voice”

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With up to six million people expected to travel into London during the Olympic and a 25% increase in public transport during the event, organisers and other public bodies are pushing the idea of London employees working in alternative locations such as from home.

With the advancement of cloud-based services such as VideoMeet from Deutsche Telekom, remote working is now a seamless and productive solution.

VideoMeet is a unique cloud based video business conferencing solution that eliminates the use of hardware resources. VideoMeet’s unique appeal is that it allows users with Skype, Google Chat and Microsoft Lync, Polycom, Cisco and Lifesize to talk to each other. It is the first product of its kind to bridge this gap and is the only provider on the market offering a cross-platform video conference solution.

No hardware accessories are required for the latest development in video conferencing, just a computer and an internet connection where multiple users (up to 25) can be invited to a conversation at one time. VideoMeet also works on both IP and ISDN connections.

Ian Vickerage, CEO of Imago Plc, distributor for video communication says “Certainly during the Olympics it may not be feasible for many to travel to work on a daily basis. A lot of businesses that have thought ahead have already planned for employees to work from home. However, VideoMeet is so cost effective and easy to use that I believe they will feel that video conferencing won’t be just an option for the Olympics but for the productiveness and health of the business in the long term”.