AN4 Group joins Vadition Partner Network

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Reseller AN4 Group has partnered with new ‘virtual’ distributor Vadition and looks forward to a profitable relationship.

“This industry is about two things – technology and people and Vadition have people who understand how the industry works with a keen eye for spotting breakthrough technology,” comments Kristian Connor, Sales Director for AN4 Group.

AN4 Group have signed up for Vadition’s initial product line including the IsilonIQ family of clustered storage systems and Xelor Systems Service Quality for VoIP software. “We have had a cordial relationship with both Neil Ledger and Ian Morris for a number of years,” Connor adds, “In Vadition, they have built an organisation which streamlines the distribution process and places minimal hurdles for us to get the product to our customers and we look forward to a long and profitable relationship.”

Vadition, focuses on new start-up and US technology companies keen to set up UK operations. “We are keen to work with solution providers such as AN4 who embrace new technology and are able to offer a range of services from sales though to implementation,” comments Neil Ledger, Director, “We are growing our channel in the UK and believe that quality over quantity is a better approach for a successful distribution model.”