Anywhere Sim Tackles Not Spots for Norfolk County Council

Anywhere Sim is pleased to announce that through its new partnership with Updata, it has been awarded a four year contract to provide mobile services to Norfolk County Council. The contract includes 4,500 mobiles users across the Council.

Matthew Wright, CEO at Anywhere Sim, commented: "Since we launched in late 2015 we have seen enormous demand for our solution to the ongoing ‘not spot' problem. Initially this was from consumers but the proposition has quickly transcended into commerce and most recently the public sector - where the direct benefits are particularly big.

The majority of UK councils and local government will be fully aware of the issues presented by gaps in mobile signal and the impact this can have on the provision of important local services. This issue is pan-UK and applies to both urban and rural areas, especially with regard to lone workers."

Together with Updata, which is part of Capita, Anywhere Sim aim to become the mobile provider of choice for Local Government.