Ascom Targets Business with Voice-over-WiFi Solution

1 min read
A new Voice-over-WiFi communications system has been launched by Ascom Wireless Solutions. The vendor says their system combines VoIP technology, wireless-enabled local area networks and Ascom’s own VoIP handsets to provide organisations with staff mobility at a low cost, while ensuring high levels of reliability and security.

The system offers an integrated personal alarm function, alert messaging, paging and voice telephony with access to a range of sophisticated communications services. It integrates with existing voice and data networks and can interconnect with public networks.

The system includes the Ascom i75 wireless VoWiFi handset, Ascom’s Portable Device Manager and Integrated Messaging Server as well as the Ascom VoIP gateway. These can be combined with third-party equipment such as WLAN access points, wireless switches and PBXs or IP-PBXs.

“VoIP and WiFi have become standardised and mature technologies, enabling us to offer solutions that meet user organisations’ requirements for reliability, robustness, security and flexibility,” said Ascom’s Chief Technology Officer, Stefan Brämberg.

“Customers of our new Voice-over-WiFi solution will benefit from Ascom’s 50 year track record of providing on-site communications systems that allow people to work more productively and respond more quickly in time-critical situations. They can be reassured that what they are getting is not the latest technology ‘hype’ but a dependable and future-proof system that will provide unprecedented mobility to their staff.”