Aurora launches as new independent business

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As of April 1st, 2019 Aurora Kendrick James Ltd (Aurora) became its own independent reseller software company. While still independent, Aurora remains within the Daisy group of businesses.

Aurora aims to simplify running reseller operations using innovative software and tech, helping our customers’ businesses thrive and to become more profitable. Their software and services enable resellers to monitor and control sales, order, provisioning, billing, support and self-service with ease. Each module has been designed and developed to remove unnecessary complexity and to give our customers greater insight and reporting as to how their business is shaping up.

CEO Ant Molloy said "I am delighted and honoured to have been asked by Matthew Riley to lead this newly expanded 200 strong software business. I am equally delighted and thankful that Derek Watson will remain with the larger business leading and driving operational transformation.

The team have been working hard on re-launching Aurora as an independent software business with a simple, clear vision of delivering software and services that our customers love, inspire, demand and desire.

The close relationship we have with Digital Wholesale Solutions will be a key part of delivering our platform to the market, allowing us to focus on creating the best product and services in the market.

With the rise of automation, AI and machine learning, this is such an invigorating time for software businesses, and I am excited for the future of Aurora and urge everyone to join us on our journey."

Molloy continues “In line with these business transformations we felt it was the right time to update and modernise Aurora’s corporate identity and software UI/UX to reflect these changes and innovations. As such, our rebrand has been more than just about a new logo. Our identity is a key component in how we convey our core values, our personality and of course, what we offer.”