Avaya introduces new collaboration devices

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Avaya has announced new devices designed to significantly improve workstream collaboration. This includes a redesigned Avaya Vantage K155 with Amazon Alexa built-in, as well as a new Avaya IP Conference Phone B129, and Avaya Huddle Camera HC010.

The Avaya Vantage K155 has been redesigned to provide a horizontal touch screen and physical keypad. It is integrated with the Avaya Spaces workstream collaboration platform and extends Avaya’s Composable Home Office, which uses the Avaya OneCloud portfolio of UCaaS, CCaaS and CPaaS solutions.

The K155 includes a high-definition camera, wideband audio, and wireless connection. In addition, the device allows content, meeting participants, or both to be shifted to a larger screen based on the meeting dynamics at any given moment.

“Avaya has enabled thousands of workers to have the same level of productivity in their home office as in the workplace. As we start returning to the business office, the script is flipped – and we need to ensure employees continue to enjoy the same capabilities they are using at home,” said Anthony Bartolo, EVP and chief product officer, Avaya.

The new Avaya IP Conference Phone B129 (pictured above) supports meetings of up to 12 participants with Avaya OmniSound technology. It uses four microphones, beam forming technology, Bluetooth and USB connectivity to elevate any meeting and workstream collaboration experience.

The Avaya Huddle Camera HC010 (pictured below) is the company’s latest USB camera and provides a high-definition camera option with 4X digital zoom for professional quality video. These new devices are available with the Avaya Device as a Service (DaaS) offering making them widely available with a small monthly fee.

The company also announced that Amazon Alexa has been integrated into the Avaya Vantage portfolio. This allows employees to ask Avaya Vantage to dial them into their next meeting or advise them of their calendar for the day. This is available initially in the U.S. and Canada, with other markets to follow.