Azzurri Communications Launches New Division

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Azzurri Communications has launched a new division, Azzurri Innovations, which brings together Azzurri’s software development arm with its systems integration and consultancy capabilities. It is being launched to meet the needs of organisations who want to integrate communications technology to support the specific way they do business. This allows organisations to be innovative with the methods that they communicate and collaborate with their colleagues and how they look after their customers.

Azzurri believes that the new division positions it effectively to plug the gaps between what mainstream telecoms vendors are offering and what organisations actually need to compete effectively. The key benefits organisations can gain from Azzurri Innovations are:

Integration and Consultancy: Any standard communication tools ranging from telephony systems through to Instant Messaging and ‘Presence’ can be integrated into customers’ business applications. Azzurri uses its dedicated systems integration team combined with its in-house software platform, EPIC (Enterprise Platform for Integrated Communications) to deliver the integration.

Software Products: The increased investment in Azzurri Innovations means the flexible and robust set of Callmedia contact centre products (Callmedia is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Azzurri) will be available to a wider market, to help organisations make their contact centres work more effectively.

Cost management and control: Azzurri’s in-house ITEM (Intelligent Telecoms Expense Management) product enables customers to monitor and control their entire mobile and fixed line spend from one online portal.

Rufus Grig, Chief Technology Officer of Azzurri Communications and Head of Azzurri Innovations said: “I never cease to be amazed by just how creative and innovative the organisations we work with want to be. That’s why I’m very excited about how Azzurri Innovations provides us with the ability to develop products in-house and enhance the products we offer from the major vendors. We can now plug the gaps to allow our customers to be innovative in the way they operate, so they can offer a more compelling experience to their own customers.”

An example of a recent Azzurri Innovations project involved a combination of integration and bespoke development, alongside consultancy on how a contact centre could effectively engage with a teenage audience.

Rufus Grig explains: “This customer’s target market thinks that telephone calls were something their grandparents did and email is something their parents do. Teenagers communicate using IM, Facebook and SMS, so our team implemented custom connectors on top of our existing multi-channel contact centre product, bringing web 2.0 technologies into the contact centre platform. This made it genuinely state of the art with IM, chat forums and video chat.”