Bailey Teswaine Sees Opportunities with 21CN

1 min read
Rajesh Sinha, Chief Technical Director for Bailey Teswaine says that VoIP is now the norm for corporate clients and will increasingly permeate into the mid-market, SME and consumer space.

“Trials of BT's 21CN network rollout are well underway in Cardiff and with a UK-wide IP network from 2008, the clock is ticking for any voice service that doesn't rely on VoIP.

In the past, companies and consumers have seen VoIP as a means of cutting call costs but now it’s more about productivity and getting significant gains from moving to VoIP. This in turn encourages things like mobile working and desktop applications integration with mobile phones. This is a significant advantage for BT’s 21st Century Network, with people already transferring to VoIP it will just be more productive and seamless for the when the time comes when everyone is using VoIP.

VoIP will affect companies that don’t adapt to a converged world, but this won’t hurt BT’s revenues because BT is forward thinking, innovative and looking at software services for example. The 21st Century Network will enhance BT’s revenues not damage them.”