Barclay Communications and O2 announce the All Ireland tariff

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O2 Centre of Excellence, Barclay Communications and O2 today announced a pioneering new collaboration between the two companies by announcing the All Ireland tariff. Developed to address the specific needs of businesses and to reflect the changing interactions between different business communities, the All Ireland tariff will enable Barclay Communications customers to receive and make calls to and from the UK and Ireland for free.

All Ireland has been developed to cement and increase O2’s and Barclay Communications’ leadership in the Enterprise space in the Northern Ireland market. The All Ireland tariff is only available to Barclay Communications’ existing and new O2 business customers and is aimed at those who regularly conduct business across the Northern and Southern Ireland border. The All Ireland tariff will be available as a pilot from June to December this year.

Maggie Kennedy Head of Partners at O2 commented, “We’ve partnered with Barclay Communications because their sales, customer care and commitment to O2’s brand values have meant they have consistently topped our league tables. They’ve also have valuable, 15 years hands-on experience and knowledge of businesses that’s essential to ensure the success of this new tariff.”

Previously, O2’s customers paid 21p per minute to call the UK from Ireland and 8p per minute to call Ireland from the UK. Now with Barclay Communications’ new All Ireland tariff, O2 customers will be able to get all these calls out of their bundled minutes.

Britt Megahey, Managing Director of Barclay Communications said, “Today businesses in the North and South are constantly working together and as a result we’ve been facing a very strong demand for cheaper cross-border calls. Now, thanks to the way we have worked with O2 to develop the All Ireland concept we’re able to offer a truly unique tariff to our customers’ that’s guaranteed to save them money. O2’s commitment to creating this tariff for our customers is one of the reasons we’re proud to call ourselves Northern Ireland’s only O2 Centre of Excellence.”

In 2009, Barclay Communications and O2 took their first step in a successful working partnership when O2 transferred and recommended Barclay Communications for the management of the majority of their SME O2 direct customers. Now the new All Ireland tariff marks another milestone in the partnership that is developing between the two companies.