Big Security for Small Businesses

1 min read
ZyXEL Communications UK has introduced new additions to their ZyWALL USGs, the USG 50, 20 and 20W. The company says these latest Unified Security Gateways provide integrated, complete and advanced enterprise-class solutions to help satisfy the security needs of small businesses.

As network demand and usage rapidly increases, network threats become an unavoidable problem that businesses must deal with. For small businesses without a dedicated IT team, how to overcome the challenge of protecting their networks is one the most important issues they have to face. Small businesses, like large companies, cannot afford to put their customers’ records, financial information, intellectual property and other critical resources at risk in this network environment. With the new ZyWALL USG 50/20/20W, ZyXEL say it is easy for small businesses to meet all of these security demands and needs, while having optimum protection.

Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, have become increasingly popular. According to research, 77% of people connect to Facebook while at work and some of them use Facebook for as much as two hours per day at the workplace. Social media usage by employees for personal reasons may cause an employee’s productivity to suffer, increase bandwidth waste, and also increase scareware threats to their employer’s business. With the maximum protection and performance provided by the ZyWALL USG 50/20/20W, business productivity and efficiency are maximised while not violating any human resource policies.

While non-stop network security protection is a must-have, small businesses will have to measure the trade-offs between energy savings and performance. The ZyWALL USG 50/20/20W, as the world’s first green security products, incorporate power saving features to effectively reduce energy costs through smart power consumption management. Powered by ZyXEL’s exclusive IntelliEnergy Green Technology, the ZyWALL USG 50/20/20W can automatically detect network traffic, link status and temperature and then adjust the power consumption accordingly. This “Green Technology” will benefit businesses in reducing their power consumption by up to 80%.

As network threats increase in number and sophistication, small businesses, even with limited resources, will still need this continuously updated protection while minimising costs. The USG 50/20/20W provides lifetime care that protects the IT investment. Customers can download up-to-date firmware on ZyXEL’s website without any additional cost for the duration of the product’s life. No complicated effort or additional expense is involved.