Blancco announces Lenovo data erasure solution

Data erasure and mobile lifecycle solutions provider Blancco Technology Group has announced a global collaboration with Lenovo.

A part of Lenovo’s ThinkShield security portfolio, Blancco data erasure provides enterprises with proven, audit-ready, and regulation-compliant data sanitisation software and process workflows. The solution renders data permanently unrecoverable from active networks, endpoint devices and decommissioned IT assets.

Lenovo ThinkShield Data Erasure by Blancco addresses the need for enterprises to manage the exponential growth of data that increases their threat risk, liability and data management costs. It also minimises manual procedures for tracking, erasing, and reporting on a wide range of IT assets and storage devices.

Blancco enables Lenovo’s enterprise customers to sanitise data that is no longer needed, including redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data. This allows enterprises to minimise data storage needs as well as enhancing data security by reducing their attack surface across storage and endpoint devices.

“The pandemic changed the way we work, which, in turn, changed the rules of security,” said Nima Baiati, executive director and general manager, cybersecurity solutions, intelligence devices group, Lenovo. “Corporate data was no longer protected behind the security perimeter. We knew we also needed to provide a comprehensive security portfolio to address these new challenges.

“Blancco’s data erasure enables us to provide our customers with a security offering that includes the ability to eradicate files and folders within or across almost any device, including drives, LUNs, removable media, mobile, endpoint devices, servers and the cloud.”

Incorporating ESG principles into data deletion processes is a pivotal facet of contemporary digital practices, particularly concerning the circular economy surrounding devices.

Baiati said, "Blancco data erasure not only safeguards sensitive information but also plays a crucial role in promoting environmental sustainability and ethical practices."

By prioritising responsible data deletion, organisations using ThinkShield actively contribute to a circular economy, fostering ethical and sustainable practices in digital device management.

Lenovo ThinkShield Data Erasure by Blancco also enables organisations to meet the data protection regulations. Approved by 14 governing bodies and supporting compliance with more than 25 standards, Blancco’s data erasure creates and stores reports for compliance, audits, reporting, verification, and retention purposes. These reports are protected and digitally signed to prove regulatory compliance.

“We’re delighted to work with Lenovo to enhance the capabilities of its ThinkShield security offering,” said Jim Elder, Blancco vice president of global pathways. “Through our collaboration, we’ll work with Lenovo to address customer pain points, including protecting data through the reduction of the threat footprint, minimising manual processes, and meeting compliance with global data privacy laws and regulations.”

Jon Mellon, president of global sales, marketing and field operations at Blancco, added, “No organisation is immune to the growing number of security threats, including the rise of AI-generated cyberattacks. As part of Lenovo ThinkShield, we’ll provide companies with an added layer of protection throughout the data lifecycle. In addition, we can help organisations achieve their sustainability goals by using data sanitization to prepare used IT assets for the circular economy rather than destroying devices and contributing to the global e-waste crisis.”

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