Boingo wireless statement in the support of the WBA next generation hotspot advanced trials

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Boingo Wireless, Inc. announced its continued support of the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s (WBA) advanced Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) trials, slated for Q4 2012.

The following statements can be attributed to Boingo Wireless senior vice president of business and corporate development and WBA board member Luis-Alfonso Serrano:

“With data demand skyrocketing, seamless roaming through industry standards is an essential part of the solution to enable data offload to Wi-Fi for all carriers. This represents a seismic shift in opportunity for Wi-Fi operators to provide a valuable service to the mobile industry.”

“These trials will usher in a new era of wireless cooperation and collaboration for the benefit of consumers worldwide. Ensuring that mobile customers can get connected on their favorite devices wherever and whenever they want, without having to worry about authentication or billing is fundamental to simplifying access for users and enabling mobile data offload for carriers.”

“Boingo is committed to working with the WBA and other industry organizations to make a high performance, hassle-free user experience a reality in the very near future.”

Luis-Alfonso Serrano has been actively involved in the joint industry initiatives on mobile roaming created by the WBA, WFA, GSMA and IEEE since their inception, and is a featured speaker at the WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress 2012, taking place this week in Seoul, South Korea.