BroadSoft Delivers Mobility and Unified Communications for SIP Trunking

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Leveraging enhanced BroadSoft platform, service providers can UC-enable their SIP trunks and increase ARPU in highly competitive SIP trunking market

BroadSoft, Inc. today announced an enhanced SIP trunking solution that enables service providers to more quickly and easily add in-demand unified communications (UC) and mobile applications to their SIP trunking offering. As a result, service providers have the opportunity to significantly increase the value of their SIP trunks and generate improved Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) in an increasingly competitive SIP trunking market.

According to research firm Infonetics, service providers’ SIP trunking revenue grew 128% in 2011, and it forecasts revenue from SIP trunking services to businesses will grow at a 52% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2011 to 2015. While these numbers reflect a tremendous opportunity, service providers also face a growing challenge to capitalize on it.

“The competitive landscape for SIP trunking is pressuring current pricing and ARPU models, requiring service providers to offer more than basic access and dial tone capabilities,” said Leslie Ferry, vice president marketing, BroadSoft. “By UC-enabling SIP trunks, BroadSoft’s BroadWorks® platform arms service providers with a suite of advanced UC services designed to meet the communications needs of an increasingly mobile workforce seeking to use these services on their smartphones and tablet devices.”

BroadSoft offers an application-oriented platform that delivers both SIP connectivity and enhanced UC applications, in contrast to hardware-based solutions that consist primarily of Class 4 switches and session border controllers. Leveraging the BroadWorks application server software, the core component of BroadSoft’s SIP trunking solution, service providers will be able to extend UC services to both fixed and mobile devices for all enterprises, even those with an existing PBX, offering centralized management and control – in turn, lowering operational costs.

Among the mobile UC applications service providers can enable on their SIP trunks are, BroadTouch Business Communicator™ and BroadTouch MobileLink™ – new mobile applications that transform the way individuals communicate by making voice, video, instant messaging and presence, business directories and call logs, available on a single interface that spans a user's mobile devices and platforms.

The flexibility of the BroadSoft SIP trunking solution enables service providers to package UC and mobile features that can appeal to multiple business segments (Enterprise/Mid-Market/Small Business) and meet the diverse end-user communications needs with one platform. The enhanced BroadSoft SIP trunking solution includes three pre-defined market offerings service providers can deliver to their enterprise customers:

Basic – “Anywhere Business Lines”

Extends the PBX to existing mobile phones

Incoming calls ring all devices – fixed and mobile – at once

Outgoing calls display the business number, even on personal mobiles

Never miss a call - auto attendant provides a professional front office

Simple bundle, easy to deploy, easy to use

Enhanced – “UC Business Trunks”

Advanced PBX features extend to mobile devices

Fixed/mobile integration for all UC services across laptops, smartphone and tablets

Voice and Video Conferencing

Instant Messaging and Presence

Business Text Messaging

Both personal and business contacts easy to find in an integrated directory

Flexible bundles, with option for integration with existing business applications

Premium – “Enterprise UC Trunks”

Advanced PBX features, full UC services plus Web Collaboration

One familiar communications interface that works from almost any of the user’s IP-based devices

Advanced business continuity with failover, load sharing and bursting

Advanced routing and resource sharing

Integration with existing enterprise business systems and applications, with standards-based APIs