BT Hosts Seminar to Help Service Providers Tackle Dial Through Fraud

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BT is taking action against the rising threat of Dial Through Fraud, by hosting free events for service providers aimed at raising awareness of the problem and providing advice around protecting themselves against attacks from telecoms hackers and fraudsters.

The events are hosted jointly by BT and The Telecommunications United Kingdom Fraud Forum (TUFF) and will be held on Tuesday 10 February and Thursday 5 March at TUFF and BT’s headquarters in London respectively.

A panel of experts from BT Wholesale, TUFF and Alternative Networks will provide the audience with information around a wide range of fraudulent techniques and will offer practical advice around combating Dial Through Fraud.

Fraudulent activity is an industry-wide issue which costs the UK telecoms sector around £1.3 billion each year. However, this figure is likely to increase as the economic downturn worsens and fraudsters seek to penetrate communications systems at the expense of service providers and their business and consumer customers.

Jack Wraith, CEO of TUFF, said: “In these unprecedented times we have a collective responsibility to be extra vigilant and ensure that we have effective measures and controls in place to safeguard our telecommunications equipment and services from internal and external attack. TUFF, BT and other telecommunication companies are taking proactive action to generate greater awareness of the threats posed and demonstrate how some simple and easily executed precautions can help service providers to keep their systems secure, particularly for SMEs concerned with the provision of communication services to businesses and consumers.”

Judy O’Keefe, Head of Financial Risk & Revenue Protection Centre of Excellence, BT Wholesale, said: “BT takes the issue of telecommunications fraud very seriously. It can result in financial losses and reputational damage for service providers and their business customers, which in the current economic climate we can ill afford. This is why BT has aligned with TUFF to raise awareness and help customers and the industry as a whole to combat fraud.”