BT to Export 21CN ‘Know How’

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BT today announced the launch of its 21C Global Venture (21C GV), a business unit that will enable the delivery of next-generation networks (NGN) to communication providers across the globe. The addressable market for these services is estimated to be in excess of €38Bn over the next five years.

The Venture has been created to bring together the unique experiences BT has gained in developing its 21st Century Network, widely regarded as the world’s most advanced next generation network (NGN). This experience will help other operators around the world implement and accelerate their own NGN plans.

Next generation networks and systems enable communication providers to deliver innovative services, increase speed to market and improve customer service whilst benefiting from significant cost savings. BT’s newly created venture will offer BT 21C Transformation Services, providing communications providers worldwide with a complete solution, ranging from initial audit and consultancy services through to the full scale implementation and operation of NGNs. The first customer to benefit from these services will be Turk Telekom, following a support agreement between BT and Oger Telecom.

Paul Reynolds, CEO, BT Wholesale said: “BT’s 21st Century Network is the world’s most ambitious next generation transformation programme. As the first carrier to embark upon such a radical programme, we had to create the manual as we went along. This including developing the business plan, driving the adoption of open standards amongst vendors, and bringing the rest of industry with us through open and transparent consultation. We’ve learned valuable lessons along the way. We can now help other operators implement or accelerate their NGN programmes with the insights we’ve gained through 21CN over the last two years.”

François Barrault, President BT International, said: “Communication providers around the world can benefit from our experience of designing and building our own 21st Century Network. This experience will enable them to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. In turn this will help bring major functionality and performance enhancements to consumers, small businesses and large corporations, allowing them to thrive in the digital networked economy. A next generation network infrastructure will soon be considered as a necessity in all countries trying to attract global investors. BT is yet again demonstrating its world class innovation capabilities by making this know-how globally available.”