BT Wholesale launches 100Gb Data Centre Connect

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BT Wholesale now offers 100Gb Data Centre Connect, aiming to empower partners to meet demand for higher and more flexible bandwidth.

Through the acquisition of a single 100Gbps data centre port, complexity is reduced for channel partners who no longer need to purchase multiple ports (of which the current maximum is 10Gbps) which require aggregation and management of corresponding circuits.

A single higher bandwidth connection will allow them to meet customers’ growing data demands through more cost effective and easier to manage data centre networking, BT Wholesale said. This aims to enhance user experience, revenue generation and business growth.

Initially available in in Telehouse North and Telehouse North Two, BT Wholesale is rolling out the higher bandwidth service to more data centres across the country.

“We’re committed to working with our partners to make it easier for them to do business,” said Gavin Jones, channel sales director at BT Wholesale (pictured). “100Gb Data Centre Connect enhances our partners capability to support their customers who are increasingly demanding greater connectivity. 

“That has been driven largely by the acceleration of digital transformation strategies, cloud migration, as well as the evolution of data centres, AI and IoT technologies, partners require access solutions that deliver more capacity while reducing cost and complexity of deployment.”

Omdia’s latest Wholesale Customer Survey identified that the highest-ranking future growth area within the next two years is greater connectivity. 63 per cent believe that it will be the best revenue contribution to the wholesale communications market, while 43 per cent believe that data centre, cloud and edge will be a top growth area too.

“High Bandwidth 100Gb Data Centre Connect isn’t the only way we’re empowering partners to deliver high bandwidth services,” Jones said. “We currently have multiple offers in place, including better than half-price Ethernet and up to 45 per cent off Direct Internet Access (DIA), with huge savings providing our partners greater flexibility, bigger revenues and generating a higher ROI.

“We also crucially continue to invest in our ethernet services so partners can provide the best experience. Already with a network reliability of 99.997 per cent, we’re working to get that to five ‘9’s. And, with an average deployment time of three working days, partners can get customers up and running on the UK’s most reliable and extensive fixed network quickly – generating revenue faster.”