Calteq Launches CalGuard

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Dial-through fraud is costing UK business millions of pounds each year and is showing no signs of abating

In a bid to fight back against the fraudsters business communications provider, Calteq, has introduced a new three-step process that ensures a joined up approach between end users and carriers and includes the launch of its own solution CalGuard, a real-time fraud alert system. CalGuard continually monitors for unusual patterns or high usage and immediately escalates issues and can even block outgoing traffic to alleviate risk.

Dial-through fraud exposes the vulnerabilities of end users and carriers alike and is the process by which hackers gain access to outgoing lines via the telephone system. This can be through a voicemail system, SIP services, audio and video conferencing and even door entry systems.

“Fraud in telephone systems can occur very quickly which is why it is so important that adequate measures are taken by both the end user and the carrier and our three-step approach does just that. The first is about ensuring that all routes into your system are blocked by your maintainer and having robust passwords and firmware in place which may seem quite basic but is often ignored,” explains Mike Stephenson, Director, Calteq.

“Secondly, setting up an email alert through your provider to tracks calls costing over, for example, £5 can quickly help you to see if there is a problem. Finally, often fraud takes place out of hours which is why a solution such at CalGuard is invaluable as it monitors for unusual activity 24 hours a day from near real-time data reducing fraud risk to a very low-level and potentially blocking events from happening in the first place.”

What makes CalGuard different from other fraud solutions on the market is that it monitors every 30 minutes as standard. Furthermore, should unusual activity be detected and Calteq is unable to speak with the customer immediately a block is made on all outgoing calls as a precaution- ensuring there is no further financial risk to the customer at that time.

CalGuard is now available from Calteq and is priced at £1 per active line or channel per month.