Camrivox and VCOMM team up for VoIP Terminal Adapters

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Camrivox, a developer of VoIP equipment, has announced a partnership with VCOMM, a distributor of IP telephony solutions to the UK and Irish channel.

Under the new deal, VCOMM will include Camrivox’s VoIP access devices in the solutions it offers to its partners in the channel. In particular, the CTI features of Camrivox’s products make them well-suited to integrating into a full business VoIP solution.

“We decided to work with Camrivox because its VoIP terminal adapter is the best of its type in the market,” said Scott Dobson, managing director of VCOMM. “The Camrivox product provides excellent performance and features, at the right price point. It is also extremely easy to use, lowering the support burden on operators and resellers."

“VCOMM's staff are highly experienced and have an excellent level of technical expertise in VoIP, “said David Moorhouse, VP of marketing at Camrivox. “I’m confident that this partnership will enable us to reach new resellers and customers in the business market, widening the uptake of our VoIP products.”

Camrivox produces VoIP equipment that allows home users and small businesses to make low cost phone calls over the Internet in conjunction with a service provider. Its first product in volume production, a unified telephone adapter the UTA-151, is a VoIP adaptor that connects to the user’s conventional telephone, to their existing broadband Internet connection and also to the PSTN network. This enables them to make and receive calls without the need for a PC from their existing PSTN land line or from VoIP.

In contrast to competitors’ products which only handle voice, Camrivox say their VoIP products also enable voice to be a key component of an Internet-connected home or office, and allow telephony features and information to be accessed and shared with other networked devices, such as a PC or IP Set Top Box.