CBLive - The ISDN Migration Journey Continues

In the latest episode of Comms Business Live, supported by Sky, David Dungay was joined by his expert panel to discuss the current status of migration away from ISDN. BT has announced it will cease to supply ISDN by 2023 and is starting to taper the supply from the this year. Guests discussed how the Channel should be preparing for these changes and what they mean for the next five years of business.

With in excess of 4 million ISDN lines still to convert in the UK the Channel has a job on its hands. But does the market know where these lines are? Guy Miller believes not! Guy expresses his thoughts on who might know (BT) and how the Channel could go about finding them. See the full episode below.

The panel included Guy Miller, Director - Fibre for Everyone at TalkTalk, Paul Gibbs, Head of UCaaS and Mid-Market at Gamma, Dom Black, Senior Analyst at Cavell Group and Andy Duncan, IT interface manager at Spitfire.