Cellcrypt Announces Interoperable Encrypted Messaging

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Government-certified message exchange between BlackBerry, iPhone and Android smartphones

Cellcrypt, provider of encrypted mobile phone voice calling, today announced the availability of interoperable encrypted messaging between BlackBerry, iPhone and Android smartphones running Cellcrypt Mobile.

Cellcrypt’s secure messaging brings government-certified, end-to-end encryption to textual messages sent between the most common off-the-shelf smartphones to counter interception vulnerabilities of standard SMS (Short Message System) and IM (Instant Messaging).

Designed for real-time, short-lived messages, similar to information exchanged via voice calls, Cellcrypt reduces vulnerabilities by not utilizing a messaging server, but delivers encrypted messages directly when both parties are connected. This also avoids the storing and forwarding of messages, which users typically don’t want when sending time-sensitive information, preferring instead that the messages be sent immediately and deleted as soon as read.

Common reasons users deploy Cellcrypt’s encrypted messaging capability include exchanging separate messages with multiple parties at the same time; exchanging information without disturbing meetings; remaining undercover in covert operations; and saving valuable time when exchanging structured data such as names, addresses, logistical information and reference numbers.

“As the BYOD, or Bring Your Own Devices to work, trend gathers pace, it is essential that governments and enterprises support interoperability of secure messaging among the broadest range of commercially available devices,” said Richard Greco, Cellcrypt CEO and Chairman. “Cellcrypt’s secure messaging enables more people than ever before to communicate securely on their favorite device, while meeting enterprise objectives of easy management, rapid deployment – within minutes, if necessary – and government-grade security.”

Cellcrypt Mobile provides encrypted voice calling for off-the-shelf cell phones using government-certified security in an easy-to-use downloadable application that makes highly secure calling as easy as a normal phone call. It is a software-only solution that uses the IP data channel and works over cellular (2G (GPRS/ EDGE), 3G (HSPA, CDMA/EV-DO), and 4G), Wi-Fi™ and satellite networks. The Cellcrypt product is validated to FIPS 140-2 standard, approved by the US National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

Cellcrypt’s encrypted messaging feature is an additional feature of the core Cellcrypt Mobile product. It is available now in Cellcrypt Mobile for BlackBerry, Cellcrypt Mobile for iPhone and Cellcrypt Mobile for Android.