Chess Hits 21 with Adodo

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Chess plc continues its run of activity in the marketplace with the completion of its 21st acquisition in two years.

Chess has acquired the customer base of Nottingham based reseller – Adodo. Adodo is an established acquaintance of Chess and has been operating as a Chess Wholesale Partner for the last 12 months.

Following the lead of other previous Wholesale Partners, Adodo opted to build on its successful relationship with Chess by selling its established customer base and signing up as Chess Virtual Reseller. Adodo will continue to operate in the telecoms market offering bespoke telecoms solutions for UK businesses.

Chess launched its Blueprint for Success in December 2005 in order to focus the business on its vision and future strategy of growth. It is one of Chess’ imperatives for growth to identify market opportunity and use it innovatively to the advantage of the business.

Chess’ innovative acquisition model enables smaller resellers to capitilise now and continue to operate as businesses in their own right, rather than having to exit the market.

Chess recognises the invaluable contribution its reseller channel makes in the success of the business. It is, therefore, making substantial investment in channel development in order to enable its resellers and partners to grow and succeed. Chess has established market-leading commission plans and offers ongoing support and value-adding innovations such as its Partner Portal.

Chess’ Director of Corporate Finance, Richard Btesh said:

“The telecoms sector is undergoing a period of major consolidation. It is a determined policy of Chess to ensure that we are at the forefront of this market activity so that we can unlock further economies of scale and enhance our Partner proposition. We have the skill, experience, knowledge and drive to move fast to offer an attractive package to resellers looking for capital gains while wanting to continue to grow their business.”

Chess’ high level of acquisition activity is testament to its commitment to future growth. The forward thinking business has developed a successful and effective business model and works hard to exploit the opportunities created in the dynamic telecoms industry to the benefit of its Partners, customers and Chess itself.

Tim Glynn, Managing Director of Adodo says “this strategic alliance with Chess helps us to focus on those parts of our business where we can truly add value whilst providing our customers with a more effective account management service for calls and lines.”