Chris Pateman appointed as new CEO at FCS

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The FCS Board has announced that they have appointed Chris Pateman as the new CEO of FCS to replace Jacqui Brookes who is retiring.

Justin Orde, FCS Chairman said, “We are delighted to welcome Chris, who is a trade association professional, to build and develop FCS representation and industry services, which will take us to a new level of influence in the communications sector.”

In accepting his appointment Chris Pateman said, “The more time I have spent with Jacqui and the FCS Board, the more impressed I have been with the quality and the sheer volume of work FCS undertakes on the industry’s behalf. Unlike the traditional utilities, much of the growth and dynamism in the communications sector is being driven by entrepreneurial SME companies. This at once makes it an immensely attractive and interesting industry for me to join, and provides a very compelling reason for businesses to join FCS and make sure their right to free competition in open market places is championed and defended.”