Cisco Extends 0% Financing to SMBs

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Cisco Systems Capital has extended its Easy Lease 0% finance package to the end of December in order to help more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and mid-market companies invest in smart data and communications solutions. Cisco Systems Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cisco.

Originally scheduled to close at the end of June 2006, Cisco say the 0% finance package has proved popular among businesses wanting to strategically evolve their IT and network infrastructures. The extension will allow more companies to cost-effectively invest in smart, simple and highly secure technologies that address short- and long-term business needs. These technologies can help minimise costs, speed up decision making, increase employee productivity and support better customer relationships.

The financing programme forms an integral part of Cisco’s tailored set of products and services specifically designed to help SMBs and mid-market companies increase their competitiveness with more efficient communications. This offer includes purpose-built and secure IP products in addition to support, services and financing.

Cisco adds that the Easy Lease 0% plan also enables Cisco channel partners to position themselves as strategic solution providers, because they can make this compelling offer to their own customers. The rapid payment terms also significantly improve a channel partner’s cash flow allowing it to focus more on deepening customer relationships.

Nigel Jenkins, Director, European Markets, Cisco Systems Capital, said: “Since the Easy Lease 0% finance package was launched demand has been consistently high and it is clear that this package is instrumental in allowing small, medium and mid-sized companies to strategically invest in their IT.”