Cloud Distribution Brings Authenticated Access to Channel

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Cloud Distribution has today announced a distribution agreement with OneLogin, provider of cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM). The partnership will provide channel partners with an on-demand solution for authenticated access to all cloud services and applications from any device.

The amount of cloud services enterprises use is on the rise. For users, this may mean having to remember numerous, individual passwords to each cloud portal. This isn’t just inconvenient for employees; it also brings with it a host of security issues. Having too many log-ins to remember may tempt users to choose lax, easy-to-hack passwords, leaving the enterprise infrastructure open to a multitude of cyber threats.

By implementing OneLogin’s services, users now have an easier and more secure solution to hand. The solution from the Identity and Access Management (IAM) specialist enables cloud users to log in via a central online portal, regardless of the number of cloud services/providers or the device used, and then have direct access to all booked cloud services and existing enterprise applications.

“We are extremely excited to be taking OneLogin's IAM solution to market and will be actively recruiting a select number of cloud-security focused partners,” said Adam Davison.

Sales & Marketing Director at Cloud Distribution. “The IAM market is expected to grow to $1.24 Bn by 2017 (source: Gartner) at 28% year on year growth, so represents a fantastic opportunity for partners in both licence annuity and implementation revenues.”

“Organisations are realising the need to streamline authenticated access to all cloud services used by employees. In fact, the consistent feedback from larger enterprises with more complex IT environments to date has been that they would prefer IAM vendors who are able to handle both their cloud-based portals and their on-premise applications,” said Per Stritich, Vice President, EMEA, OneLogin. “Cloud Distribution has a proven track record of bringing innovative technology to market and we are delighted that with their help, we can provide an innovative, dynamic and secure IAM platform to enterprises in the UK.”