Cloud Net launches business VoIP call bundles

1 min read
Business phone systems company Cloud Net has launched new UK landline call bundles that they say will help business owners keep their telephony costs low and predictable.

From £5 per month, Cloud Net is providing customers up to 5,000 UK landline minutes (01, 02, 03, 0845 and 0870 numbers). Calls made outside the bundle are charged at Cloud Net’s standard low rates[i].

David Hill, Chairman of Cloud Net said, “Some of our customers just want a solid, value for money phone service for their business while others are looking for advanced hosted PBX features. With our calls bundles they can have both. We offer some of the best business phone deals on the market and these new bundles give customers a reliable and flexible service at a great price.

Indeed, for a typical business that makes most of its calls within the UK, our call bundles are highly competitive.”

The new call bundles are the latest in a series of new business phone offerings: Cloud Net recently launched CLASS Live Answering service and the Virtual Number service.