Clouditalia provides next generation telco cloud services with Cordys

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Cordys, The Enterprise Cloud Platform company that enables service providers to differentiate themselves through smart cloud offerings, today announced that Clouditalia Eutelia Communications is using the Cordys Business Operations Platform as a Service (PaaS) to build and deliver high value cloud applications and new services to their customers. Clouditalia has also chosen Cordys Cloud Provisioning (CCP) to enable dynamic cloud provisioning of on-premise and new cloud applications.

Clouditalia is an integrated telecommunications and cloud services company, focused on helping professionals, enterprises and public sector organisations to deal with the challenges of a global marketplace and a digital economy, offering dedicated solutions to reduce enterprise costs, improve flexibility and increase competitiveness. Working with Cordys, the company can now offer and manage, in addition to traditional telecommunications services, advanced cloud computing services for infrastructure, platform as a service and cloud applications (SaaS).

In order to support Clouditalia’s move to become a cloud broker and service provider, the Business Support Systems (BSS) for including order management and finance need to be integrated and aligned with the Operational Support Systems (OSS) that are used for provisioning and maintaining network assets. This enables Clouditalia to create and provide its customers with new products and services. The Cordys platform ensures an orchestration centric approach which solves operational issues and optimises processes without changing existing software systems.

“We chose the Cordys platform because it allows us to create flexible solutions developed in direct response to customer needs,” commented Mark De Simone, CEO Clouditalia. “Cordys not only provides a sound foundation for Clouditalia's operations but also extends our offering to include new cloud-based products and services.”

Art Landro, CEO, Cordys, added: “In today’s fast-moving business landscape, telecommunications providers are increasingly looking for new ways to generate revenue. We enable to position Clouditalia in a unique way, using the organisation’s existing network assets in the cloud to offer new incremental services to its customers and create new revenue streams for the business.”