Code Breakers Challenge! The Unbreakable Enigma

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It’s the stuff of GCHQ & MI5 storylines

The Enigma E2 mobile phone claims to have an Unbreakable Encryption that will challenge the world’s best code breakers!

Preventing anyone from listening in, “Crypto” calls on the Enigma E2 are 100% secure, using unbreakable and unique codes via a unique second SIM card. Especially important for those wanting to protect against business espionage, terrorism or need to keep their lives private.

It takes 7 seconds or less to set up a highly encrypted call by simply pressing the “crypto” button to call another Enigma phone. The phones use secure keys to authenticate each other.

The Enigma E2 can also be used to make unencrypted calls to ordinary mobiles. It has GPRS internet access and Bluetooth hands-free, but both of these are kept separate from the “crypto” side of the phone. Software upgrades are also available to offer encrypted text and picture messaging.

This world-class security makes Enigma E2 smarter than a Smartphone.

Cost: £1320 from or telephone: 020 8288 3646

Tripleton Commented, “Most people take steps to secure their computers and email but fail to protect voice calls,” says David Wolper, commercial director of IntSec Limited. “But a surprising amount of important information is exchanged over the phone. With the Tripleton Enigma E2, secure calls are as easy as ordinary mobile calls, keeping your personal life and business dealings safe from cyber spies. No-one in the world can listen in on a ‘crypto’ call on the Enigma E2.”