Colt introduces new Partner Hub programme

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Colt Technology Services has announced the introduction of its new Colt Partner Hub. The partnership programme is set to launch this week, with an aim of maximising the value of partnerships to deliver innovative solutions and create mutual value for Colt, its partners and global end customers.

Mark Hollman, VP market development (interim) at Colt Technology Services said that the programme will provide “a structured process around our partner development, from selection and onboarding to complete lifecycle management“.

In a statement about the introduction of the Colt Partner Hub, he said, “The Colt Partner Hub is deeply rooted in Colt’s three-year strategy and organisational structure. Announced in November last year, the new strategy was designed to take what’s always been in Colt’s DNA and ensure the business in the best possible position to remain a prominent player in the connectivity ecosystem and an enabler of enterprises’ digital transformations.

“As Colt and its partners come together through the Partner Hub, we will unlock and amplify our joint value, delivering the best of our industry to end customers. We are excited to embark on this next stage of partnership and innovation; there’s lots to look forward to for Colt, our partners and our customers across the world.”