Comex 2000 expands broadband coverage into Scotland

Outsource telecoms provider Comex 2000 has partnered with Virgin Media O2 to deliver a range of regional broadband coverage improvements in Scotland.

The partnership will also create 300 new jobs over the next two years, starting with an initial recruitment drive for 30 positions.

With more than 25 years’ industry experience, Comex 2000 has been a partner for Virgin Media O2 since 2008, operating strategic fibre networks across England.

The expansion into Scotland builds on the success it has achieved in the West Midlands, reflecting the company’s commitment to connectivity, innovation and long-term client relationships.

Angela Constance, MSP for Almond Valley, toured Comex 2000’s newly-established Livingston headquarters, engaging with staff.

Gavin Laird, director of Scotland at Comex 2000, said “Comex 2000’s mission is to bolster Virgin Media O2’s network over the next five to 10 years, ensuring Scotland’s connectivity is on par with the UK and Europe.

“We are actively recruiting roles to deliver these essential services and upgrades, offering an array of rewarding career opportunities and welcoming anyone that’s keen to contribute to Scotland’s digital future.”

Constance said: “It was good to meet the staff and visit the site at Houston Industrial Estate, I very much welcome Comex 2000’s expansion into Scotland, based here in West Lothian. The growth of the company will bring job opportunities and offer an exciting career upgrading and maintaining networks for Scotland’s digital future.”