Company creates cheaper touchscreens

1 min read Networks & Network Services
To bring touchscreen technology to more users, InputDynamics has created a simple and cost effective solution that uses the acoustic signal produced by tapping on the screen or handset to create the effect of a touchscreen. Its technology allows cheaper production of touchscreen phones and enables older phones to be retrofitted with a touchscreen.

InputDynamics’ novel approach also takes touch functionality to a new level by enabling the entire handset to be touch sensitive, not just the screen. A tap or swipe anywhere on the phone can be recognised, producing new ways for users to interact with their phone.

This frees use -interface designers from the constraints of conventional screens and keypads. Smartphones too will benefit from the input functionality being extended to include all of the handset casework.

Giovanni Bisutti, the Cambridge-based entrepreneur behind InputDynamics’ technology, said: “The success of the iPhone proved the desire for more intuitive user interfaces. But superior navigation ability and efficient interaction with multimedia applications need not be limited to the high end of the market. Many people are restricted in their use of internet and apps because they don’t have touchscreen phones, but our technology can make touchscreen functionality available to all feature phones. We are also very excited about the opportunity to make whole handsets touch sensitive.”

Tapping allows the user to select numbers, icons, commands, hyperlinks, photos and other software. A swipe or scratch with the finger enables the user to scroll, zoom or pan, making browsing a simpler and more intuitive experience.