Computer 2000 Urges Resellers to Get into the Tag-Selling Habit

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Computer 2000, the UK arm of Tech Data, is calling on more resellers to get into the habit of tag-selling so that they can boost their profits and encourage customers to buy more add-ons and supplies from them on a regular basis.

Since the start of the year, the company has been running a campaign through its sales and product marketing teams to try and encourage more resellers to sell a number of items on the back of larger ticket sales, such as projectors and carrying cases with laptop computers and paper and ink cartridges with printers.

The scheme has been popular and successful and Computer 2000 now wants more resellers to pick up on the drive. “It’s really about selling a solution and maximising your potential sales”, says Kevin Wragg, General Manager of the Peripherals business unit at Computer 2000. “It makes sense to offer the extras – it is more convenient for the customer and it boosts the reseller’s sales and profits.”

Selling the add-ons can also help to boost customer loyalty, says Wragg. “Customers expect you to offer the little extras and when you do, you are adding more value for that customer. They might otherwise have not realised they needed or ought to buy a projector, carrying case or physical security device for their new laptop. It also identifies you as a supplier of a much wider variety of products and every day essentials such as printer cartridges and other supplies. Your customers are going to buy these products from somewhere – you should do all you can to encourage them to buy them from you.”

Computer 2000 can provide resellers with a very wide range of peripherals and supplies from stock and ship them to the customer’s door next day. It can also offer competitive pricing and special promotions that make tag-selling even more attractive, says Wragg.

“We work with all the leading vendors to provide offers on key products to make them both highly attractive to the end user and easy to sell for the reseller and we’re running these all the time. Resellers who want to know how to take advantage should just call the peripherals team or visit the promotions area on our web site on a regular basis.”