Coms Launches VoIP Telephony Service For iPad Users

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Coms has launched a VoIP telephone service that enables Apple iPad users to make and receive telephone calls over their internet connection. Each subscriber will receive a free UK telephone number of their choice, £5 free calling credit to welcome them as a customer and will be offered the choice of either a pay-as-you-go service or one of their monthly subscription packages starting from £5.

The service will be marketed to all iPad users, but will be particularly relevant to those who travel, as when they connect to a local WiFi network they will be able to receive inbound calls without any high roaming fees, and outgoing calls will be charged at their local call plan rates.

Richard Bennett, CEO, Coms plc commented: “This new service builds upon the iPhone applications that we launched earlier in the year facilitating the development of the cloud telephony market. It is my belief that fixed line telephony will steadily migrate to cloud based telephony services which offer individuals and businesses increased features and lower call costs.

“Users of this new service can save up to 90% against BT on international calls and up to 77% on UK calls. In addition they get a new landline for free which travels with them, saving £296 against BT.”

iPad users can voice enable their iPads by subscribing to the Coms telephony service from the Coms website. Subscribers will need a softphone app which is downloaded from the Apple store. Coms recommends the Bria app from Counterpath Inc that has the Coms service settings embedded into it, making it simple for subscribers to start making and receiving calls.

Coms is working on additional features that will enable customers to transfer their existing BT numbers to the Coms service, as well as making the service compatible with all leading operating systems including Android, OS and Symbian.