Comstor Point the way for IPT ROI

1 min read
Cisco and the Cisco-specialist distributor Comstor, have worked together to create a web-based ROI calculator for IPT deployments which Comstor’s OneVoice resellers are given access to when they join up.

James Clark, Head of Marketing at Westcon Group explains, “The purpose of the tool is to enable resellers to quickly and efficiently calculate the cost savings that a customer could achieve by migrating from an existing PBX-based system to a Cisco-based IP Telephony (IPT) system.

The calculation is based on input of a few basic operational cost details. The calculator offers default data if actual data is unknown. Operational costs needed for this calculation include PBX system upgrade fees, any managed services fees, current lease costs, video conferencing charges, as well as ‘adds, moves and changes’ costs.

An equivalent IPT system is costed up by comparison to the current total cost of ownership projected over a five and ten year period in terms of Net Present Value (NPV) or cash flow impact. It is not uncommon to see that the cost of running a company’s IPT solution is less than half their existing legacy systems when projected over these sorts of periods.”