Convergys chooses CTI Group as technology partner for analytics solutions

1 min read
CTI Group has announced a partnership that will see their advanced A7 analytics technology integrated into the Convergys Smart Enterprise Solution. This collaboration will enable Convergys to offer telecommunications operators serving enterprise clients deeper and richer analytics as part of its Smart Enterprise Billing Solution.

CTI Group’s A7 analytics offers a scalable, efficient and user-friendly solution that provides Communications and IT managers with a drill-down platform that is available from their desktop. A7’s extensive range of analytical reports provides organizations with a greater understanding of their voice, data and video usage and spend, allowing them to better control and manage their communications costs and staff resources.

The Convergys solution, paired with CTI Group’s A7 analytics, can help operators reduce enterprise client churn by providing trend analysis, call tagging and real-time reporting, as well as alerts to spikes in usage. The Convergys billing solution also offers operators serving multinational enterprise clients with end-to-end, real-time rating, billing, and reporting for the clients’ fixed, mobile, and data services.

Michael Lightfoot, Director of Business Development and Strategic Alliances for CTI Group, commented: “Businesses across the globe are looking for transparency of usage across real-time billing solutions that will help them to manage and control communications costs. By integrating CTI Group’s A7 solution, Convergys will be able to offer operators serving enterprise clients a richer analytical application with a tangible return on investment. It will also provide Convergys with a differentiator from its competitors when targeting new clients.”

Dr Alastair Hanlon, Global Director of Telecommunications for Convergys, said: “Future growth opportunities for service providers lie with enterprise customers, particularly large multinational corporations. By providing innovative services and bundling combined with advanced analytics, operators utilizing a sophisticated and versatile BSS environment crucial to maximize revenue returns can further monetize their networks by creating differentiation in the market.”