CTI Group Adds New features to Proteus 7

1 min read
CTI Group has announced the release of Proteus 7 SP1, an upgrade to its fully scalable hosted or premised-based call accounting solution for mobile, VoIP and PBX telephony systems.

Proteus 7 now includes the full support for extension mobility, in addition to audio, audio conference, video, video conferencing, mobile and IM. Also, the ability to partition a single physical switch into a number of logical devices, auto-learning extensions across a range of switches, enhanced logging of hunt groups to provide individual station or agent data, and the ability to restrict logging of groups of extensions via exclude lists.

Todd Justad, Telecom Operations Architect for Network Operations at Citrix Systems states “We needed a system capable of collecting call data from multiple switches in different countries and costing calls using multiple carriers and currencies. Proteus Enterprise was the only tool on the market that allowed us to do this and to deliver accurate information and reports from across the organization.”

Via a configurable dashboard, Proteus will log hybrid environments, where digital PBXs reside alongside IP PBXs. This helps companies analyse costs and usage of their voice systems as they migrate from digital PBX to IP PBX; for example, a reduction in inter-site calls, reduction in international call charges, reduction in mobile costs through use of softphone or VoIP from handset.