Daisy Achieves Cisco Cloud Certification

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Daisy Group has announced that it has achieved the Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Advanced Certification

This certification recognises Daisy Group plc as having the capabilities to sell and deliver cloud and managed services to help accelerate time to market and time to revenue. Additionally, the certification rewards partners for their expertise and investments for creating, selling and delivering cloud and managed services with financial incentives and go-to-market benefits in all countries of legal presence.

Nathan Marke, CTO at Daisy Group said: “High speed network connectivity is vital for businesses striving for digital transformation. In a crowded market with a confusing array of network connectivity options, Daisy’s CMSP certification gives an external validation of the quality of our connectivity offerings and our strategic investments in technology processes.

“Daisy’s customers have the benefit of knowing their cloud and managed services are delivered using industry-leading Cisco technology, symbolising that they meet the highest standards of service and support.”

The Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Advanced Certification is part of the Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program, focused on helping partners such as Daisy Group plc to envision, build, market, and sell cloud and managed services with business acceleration tools and services, sales training and the Cisco Cloud Marketplace to address the varied needs of its customers.