Daisy Commercial Refresh Rewards Partners

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Daisy Distribution, has undergone a refresh of its Vodafone and O2 commercial models as part of its continued partner excellence focus.

Historically, the distributor’s bonus commercial framework has focused solely on rewarding primary connections and new business. However, the Ipswich-based business has now expanded its model to take into account additional products such as Microsoft 365, Fixed Line and Vodafone One Net Business.

Julien Parven, Marketing Director of Daisy Distribution, comments: “As a business, we have evolved from being just a mobile distributor into a provider who is more entwined with our network partners and our resellers, and we want our commercial models to reflect that.

“We want to be able to reward our partners for their delivery of secondary products and in turn satisfy the network partners’ focus in these areas. Making these additional revenue streams accessible to our partners and new products available to their customers, both become inherently more “sticky”. This in turn can allow partners to retain relationships more successfully and minimise churn.”

The changes to the commercial models will provide partners with the full benefit of selling these secondary products. Receiving the same recognition as they would for a mobile connection, partners will reap the rewards through their monthly volume bonus payment.

Parven continues: “These secondary product sets, such as Microsoft Office 365, Fixed Line and Vodafone One Net Business, are a variation on existing products within our partners’ portfolios, so we would like to encourage all partners to engage with us to secure that extra training and support they may need to take advantage of this new commercial framework.”