Daisy webinar: getting Britain working

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Covid-19 has rerouted every business in 2020, with businesses having to change their focus to navigate this new challenge. In an upcoming webinar, Daisy Communications will be sharing the steps and measures it took to ensure its business remained operational and able to support customers and partners.

Presented by Julien Parven, Director of Partner Business at Daisy Communications, the webinar will also explore how businesses will adapt and evolve their digital transformation journey due to the pandemic, and why partners are ideally placed to support those journeys. It will be held on Thursday 8th October 2020 at 3:00pm BST.

You can register to attend here.

Here’s a quick summary of will be discussed during the webinar:

  • Daisy Communications’ learnings throughout the whole Covid pandemic and the changes it has made to its business.
  • How businesses are adapting to new and different ways of working and how channel plays an integral part in their recovery.
  • A view to the future and where it sees business going and the opportunities that journey brings.
  • How Daisy Communications has restructured its indirect channel to protect and stimulate the channel.
  • The component parts of a new channel proposition to cater for partners of all shapes and sizes and how we deliver value to all in their business goals.

Register now on this link.