Data Select announce exclusive disti agreement for LG Optimus 3D

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Data Select have announced the coup of the year by tieing up exclusive distribution of the eagerly awaited LG Optimus 3D. Following a short lead by Carphone Warehouse, Data Select will commence deliveries into customers on July 8th.

The LG Optimus 3D – the world’s most powerful smartphone with 3D - has been one of the years most highly anticipated handset launches. Not just a dual core Android smartphone, it also has the ability to record, view and share 3D content such as photos and films without the need for glasses.

Data Select are one of three LG distributors, including 20:20 Logistics and Brightstar. The decision to make them an exclusive distributor for the Optimus 3D was based on a solid business plan and industry leading customer base, backed up by their Platinum Club support structure.

“It’s a fantastic win for Data Select. For LG to place their trust in one distributor for a product of this magnitude shows just what we can do in the market, and the strength of our relationship with LG”, commented Roy Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer at Data Select.

The LG Optimus 3D will be backed by a multi-million pound marketing campaign to drive consumer demand, with Data Select offering marketing funding, seeding samples and training to dealers and resellers.

Jim Michel, Head of Mobile at LG, comments, “With the growth of 3D films at the cinema and the success of 3D TV’s, it is evident that there is a great consumer appetite for 3D. LG is thrilled to launch our first glasses-free, 3D smartphone in the UK and we are confident the Optimus 3D’s revolutionary technology will change the way people interact with their phone. LG is passionate about setting new standards in technology while also addressing our customer’s needs and consistently delivering the most innovative products on the market.”

Roy Taylor added, “We launched the Optimus 3D at last weeks Platinum Club Conference and the response was overwhelming. It reinforced our decision to back the Optimus 3D and now we can’t wait to start distributing”.

Initial stock of the LG Optimus 3D may well be in short supply as back orders are already pilling up. With the launch date approaching dealers and resellers are encouraged to contact Data Select immediately.