Databarracks Wins Big Implementation for Egmont

1 min read Cloud
Databarracks has announced that a major implementation of its Backup-as-a-Service solution, using Commvault into Microsoft Azure, was launched with Egmont.

Azure data center regions in the UK provide data backup for business continuity and disaster recovery. Databarracks began the installation by creating the local “Media Agent” virtual machine that acts as the on-site backup server. Once configured, the Commvault Media Agent and individual server agents (iDataAgent) are installed and the initial backups are transferred to Azure.

“With Microsoft Azure as part of our solution, we reduce the risk of downtime and its associated costs for Egmont,” said Peter Groucutt, Managing Director at Databarracks. “Using Azure Blob Storage, Egmont keeps storage costs down without sacrificing recoverability.”

John Bruno, General Manager, Azure Global Infrastructure, Microsoft Corp. said, “Microsoft Azure helps partners like Databarracks use the cloud to provide cost-effective solutions to customers. With the availability of 50 Azure regions, more than any other cloud provider, Databarracks can achieve global reach and local presence.”