Datasharp in Nortel’s Top 3 EMEA SMB Technology Leaders

The Nortel Partner Forum 2006 saw Datasharp, BT & Telecor (Spain) head to head for the title of European SMB New Technology Leader of the year.

Datasharp were recognised by Nortel for their outstanding ability in the Converged SMB market space.

“It’s fantastic for Datasharp to be nominated along side BT and Telecor (Spain) for this award,” commented Paul Fullman, “Previously in the UK anyone contemplating Nortel solutions, involving multi-site integration over IP, have tended to automatically think BT. This is no longer the case as Datasharp is now recognised as offering an equally viable, high quality alternative with superb after sales service.”

The event itself was held over two days and included presentations, syndicate sessions and award ceremonies, culminating in a lavish gala dinner. “The event was a huge success,” said Datasharp’s Roy Carter, “and the girls serving the free vodka were exceptional!”