DataSolutions doubles turnover and nears carbon neutral status

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DataSolutions has announced the achievement of its £83m 2021-2022 revenue target, making it the company’s most successful year in its 30 year history.

In the three years ending in March 2022, DataSolutions has more than doubled turnover, going from £40m for the year to March 2019 to £83m for the year to March 2022.

Driving the growth is the distributor’s portfolio of security solutions, which now consists of four main pillars: Hybrid Working, Cloud Security, Zero Trust and Managed Security Services. Its cybersecurity and hybrid multi-cloud divisions have seen growth of 43 per cent over the last year. 

With the growth of hybrid working solutions and the need to secure the cloud, DataSolutions said it has seen demand across its vendors, which include Citrix and Check Point, significantly increase.

In addition to the business growth, becoming carbon neutral in 2022 is described as a key priority for the company. Its ‘Techies Go Green’ movement, aiming to help IT and tech businesses to decarbonise, now has 200 signatories including Softcat, Version 1, Sapphire and ColorTokens.

Over the same period (2018-2021) of business growth, measured using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, DataSolutions has reduced its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions as measured by the Location Based Method by 33 per cent and by the Market Based Method by 75 per cent.

Measures introduced to ensure sustainability goals are met have included installing a heat pump solution, switching to LED lights and a green electricity supplier, installing solar panels and assisting company staff working from home to move to green energy providers where possible.

The company’s new hybrid working strategy has reduced staff commute emissions by 60 per cent, DataSolutions said in a statement, and it is aiming to reduce its business air travel by 50 per cent per annum.

“We made doubling the business and going carbon neutral key objectives, and I’m as proud of reducing our emissions as I am of increasing our profits,” said Michael O’Hara, managing director, DataSolutions (pictured).

“We have also extended these sustainability efforts beyond the four walls of the business, helping the technology sector as a whole to be greener. It’s my firm belief that until companies take reducing their carbon emissions seriously and act on it, it won’t happen. As I have, leaders need to realise that business and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but mutually beneficial.”