Dealers iManage reports with Mainline

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Orange mobile phone distributor, Mainline Digital Communications, is helping its dealers manage their performance by offering downloadable reports via iManage, its online account management tool.

Dealers can now download a set of reports from iManage which are designed to complement existing business reporting. This enables them to manage, analyse, measure and compare their business performance. Reports include: revenue share; advance payments and repayments; connection figures; and datashare.

“Information is key to any successful business,” commented Gail Hollinshead, Mainline’s director of dealer sales. “Mainline’s systems provide accurate and meaningful data to give dealers a true insight into their connection performance.

“It is important for our dealers when managing their customers, that they have all the information they need. By offering our dealers this convenient reporting service we enable them to save time, cut costs and focus their attention on their customers,” added Hollinshead.

iManage is the online portal designed and developed by Mainline exclusively for its dealers. It provides dealers with secure access to information about their customers, connections and commissions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.