Digital demands soar

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New data shows more people are using their phones to download digital content

The latest figures from Kantar Worldpanel show more people using their smartphones and tablets to access digital content. Digital videos and games are becoming increasingly popular and consumers are using these types of devices so they can watch and play while on the go.

Fiona Keenan, consumer insight director, at Kantar Worldpanel explains: “Over the past year, we have seen a phenomenal rise in the popularity of tablets and smartphones. More than one in seven people have told us they now have a tablet in their household and over 52% of the population own a smartphone. This has meant the appetite for digital games and videos has grown rapidly. For example, 1.3 million more digital videos were bought in February than in December 2011 - a substantial increase over this short period.”

In the past month alone, well over a third of smartphone owners have accessed video content through their phone and 12% of all digital videos are now watched on either a smartphone or a tablet. One in five games buyers, the equivalent of 3.2 million people, paid for a download in the past year with 1.1 million of these bought for use on one of these devices.

Fiona continues: “Digital video now makes up 13.5% of all video sales in the UK, and as digital demand continues to grow, it is likely that we will see more people using their smartphones and tablets to access content. New data reveals that 57% of all smartphone apps used in the past four weeks were games and 44.4% of all mobile users now use their phones for gaming, up from 32.6% at this point in 2011.”