Digital Pathways link up with iCyber-Security

Data security company, Digital Pathways, has linked up with cyber defence system provider, iCyber-Security in order to promote the iCyber-Sheild defence platform.

The universal cyber defence management platform has been developed in response to the escalating and uncontrollable costs caused by the vast array of solutions now flooding the marketplace, in order to protect business from cyber attacks of all kinds.

Says Colin Tankard, Managing Director of Digital Pathways, “cyber attacks are costing businesses some £4billion per annum, a figure that keeps on growing.”

Tankard puts this growth down to stand-alone vendor point products and says, “whilst there are many excellent individual products, the fact that they are stand alone limits integration. This helps to drive up complexity and, as products require separate dashboards, there is increased risk of isolated attack reporting, detection time and therefore, reduction in reactive functionality.

“The management of ensuring that data is securely protected requires significant maintenance, serviced by a severely limited skill pool. The iCyber-Shield system provides a solution which is not only cost effective but is accessed through just one pane of glass, enabling IT teams and management to see all their cyber solutions in one, easy to read, dashboard, quickly gaining access to reports or, implementing actions across all systems to prevent attacks escalating.

“iCyber Shield is the only platform we have seen which can seamlessly control and gather information from multiple third party systems and then report and take proactive action to remediate any cyber attack.”

Adds Mike Harrison, Director of Strategy and Planning, iCyber Security, “The iCyber capability will enable enterprises to gain control and management of their cyber defence environment economically and effectively, thus dramatically reducing the risk of damaging and expensive cyber attacks”.