Distribution Confusion at Telrad?

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Telrad Connegy has announced the appointment of Birmingham based Maximum Solutions as its distributor in the UK saying the distributor has responsibility for the distribution, marketing and technical support of Telrad products in the entire country. Telrad added that Maximum Solutions will take charge of the existing installed base and sales channel, and will be responsible for all Telrad Connegy operations in the UK.

However, according to Alan Doyle, Managing Director at Hertfordshire based Iridiacom, Maximum Solutions are just a second distributor appointed by Telrad and that his company continues to distribute their products.


A call to Reuven Yahav, Sales Director for Telrad Connegy, cleared the matter up: “We have dropped Iridiacom due to their poor sales performance and selected Maximum solutions based upon their experience in distribution and their familiarity with our products – they have also been a dealer of Telrad Connegy for the last two years.”

Maximum Solutions has been trading since 1998 and currently has 15 employees and is best known in the trade for it activities in the second user PBX market. They say that “As a leading distributor there are numerous advantages for existing (Telrad) dealers/resellers in terms of ongoing support. Dealer Account Managers will be available for field sales support and product demonstrations and Maximum Solutions has a number of qualified product specialists in its Technical support team.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for all parties concerned to increase profits, brand awareness and gain a stronger foothold in the UK Telecommunication’s market place,” said Managing Director Stewart Lines. “Our Dealer Account Manager David Hamilton, and I will be contacting current dealers over the next few days to arrange a meeting to cement our new working relationship.”

Lines confirmed to Comms Business Magazine that he believed his company had sole distribution rights for the Telrad product range and that Iridiacom had been ousted as a distributor by the vendor.

Alan Doyle, who was formerly a key member of the Telrad team when the PBX vendor had a UK based office transferred with his team to MTV Telecom when that distributor took over the Telrad’s sales operation after they closed down their UK offices. Subsequently he formed his own company, Iridiacom, and secured a deal to distribute and support the Telrad products.

MTV Telecom were not fazed by the move and commented at the time they were pleased to continue their focus on more mainstream products.